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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the pain and the heartbreak, people in d.c. standing with the victims of the bloodshed in paris. hello, i'm debra alfarone. and we're going to have coverage of the attacks from paris to d.c.. but first, breaking news. there has been a police involved shooting inside union station. a suspect, an innocent bystander hit and hospitalized. wusa 9's cameron thompson is there. what's going on cam? >> good evening, debra. we are on the entrance to union station where the focal point of this investigation has been d.c. police telling me this started as a stabbing in this area, not sure if it was inside or outside. and apparently the victim and
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suspect are-related related. the victim apparently going home before calling police and the ambulance, and she has been taken, an adult female has been taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. -- nonlengz life threatening injuries. the shooter, i'm told it happened on an escalator between the metro level and the am track level. apparently the suspect was holding a knife on the escalator and there was an off duty police officer there. sours telling it with baltimore county's police force. the officer opened fire, only one hitting the suspect, and as metro's spokesman tells us he wasn't the only one hit. >> there was an female innocent bystander unrelated to this incident, who sustained a injury to her leg, either struck by a bullet or bullet fragment >> and we're told that injury is a nonlife threatening one. we don't know the condition of
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the suspect in this case. we reached out to the baltimore county police force and they could not confirm if it was one of their officers involved here. reporting live outside union station, cameron thompson, wusa 9. thank you so much, cam. this is the second shooting in union station this recent months. well, the aftershocks are being held of -- of grief are being felt here and around the world. let senator paris. a college student in california among those killed in last night's terror attacks in paris. and the death toll now climbing to to 129 people with more than 350 others injured. 99 of them in critical condition. >> reporter: paris, ground zero for tears. mourners let candles, memorials grew, one day after the disi
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city was terrorized. >> -- people who died. >> a french prosecutor described how those coordinated attacks unfolded. three teams of extreme is were to blame. the assault began at 9:20 friday night when a suicide bomber at a sports stadium blew himself up killing a passer by. minutes later, another team opened fire at a string of crowded cafes, killing dozens. about 15 minutes later, another group opened fire and took hostages at the bataclan concert hall where the american band eagles of death metal were playing. as many as 89 people were killed. one, an american victim, nohemi gonzalez. all but one of the attackers detonated vests to kill themselves, police killed the
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7th. three people were arrested who may be linked to the terrorism the islamic state has claimed responsibility. french president, francois hollande, addressed the nation, calling the attacks an act of war. outside the concert hall, a man playing john lennon's imagine as a tribute to those killed. and tonight one of the suicide bombers has been identified as ismael -- according to french parliament he -- just across from the white house, gathered to remember victims. and earlier tonight, cameron thompson was there. >> reporter: in laugh lafayette square -- >> we are alive, but we are friends. >> he asks the crowd to think of
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the victims as more than just a number. >> the figures are hiding the tragedy of all of these individuals who have been killed for no reason. [singing in french] . >> reporter: and as day turns to night, those here light candles light cards and share quiet moments broken only by more renditions of the french national anthem, sung by people who brought anything french they could, even if it meant making a flag out of cardboard. >> it's important that france should stay alive. >> or drawing one in chalk on a skateboard. this family was in paris this summer, and the father says this attack feels different than the charlie hebdo attacks in february. >> this was the randomness that was -- just it was very easily could have been, as with summer, the kids sitting at our favorite
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bistro. >> and among the words spoken, perhaps the strongest from this ambassador, what he calls a special thought for france. my deer cam patriots, france is at war, france has been hit once again. we have had many challenges over the course of our long history. we will overcome once again. >> and that was cameron thompson reporting. while there's an outpouring of support for paris's victims there is also a great deal of concern for the growing threat of isis. stephanie breaks down that issue. >> this is the growing memorial outside of france's -- in d.c., care called on their members today. >> this is a message of unity. this is a message to isis that we reject every act that they have done. >> reporter: condemning yesterday's attacks on paris, leaders with the council of american islamic relations say it's not only important to rally
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behind france but to show the world these are not the teachings of sla schramm. anti-islamic sentiment a very really concern voiced today. some are worried about about how europe will react. >> this is going to be used to further other people, to divide. >> schneider tells us he spent the night trying to contact his family and friends around paris. >> there is no justification for anyone to do that. >> this could have happened anywhere, it could have been new york, london, it could have been d.c.. so we just wanted to show solidarity. >> is an islamic state attack something to worry about on u.s. soil? >> six different attacks around paris is something they haven't done previously. >> counterterrorism analyst larry johnson says he believes isis's capabilities on u.s. soil are limited. but he still tells us -- >> it's a real threat, and it needs to be confronted but there
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needs to be intelligence behind it. >> he -- >> it is only the members of the public community who can be involved in public safety. >> they are also inviting everyone of the muslim faith, and not, to participate. in d.c., stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. and d.c. police chief kathy a reminder today -- simply reporting activity, however e-mail small, may be the linchpin in disrupting an attack before it can be acted upon. now, d.c., new york, boston and other cities in the u.s. have bolstered security since friday night. [singing in french] now to hong kong, where hundreds of people, most french, attended a candle light vigil to remember the victims. carrying signs and singing, many
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expressed concerns that shootings and bomb blasts in paris could lead to an escalation of extremist attacks. >> we are all wondering what's going to happen next, from the terrorist side. are they going to continue to increase? it was a few people in january, now it's a hundred police, seven attacks at the same time. what's the next step? that's pretty crazy. in the meantime, the french consul in hong kong said most french people there knew people in the areas where the attacks took place. tonight, three democratic presidential candidates faced off this evening -- >> the second democratic presidential debate started in silence as the candidates recognized those killed in the terrorist attacks in paris. and the first question focused on national security, and isis, which has claimed responsibility. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an
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international terror network. >> hillary clinton leads in the polls, but senator bernie sanders tried to slow down the front-runner, questioning her vote as senator to approve the 2003 invasion of irreconcilable. >> something that i strongly opposed, has unravelled the region completely. >> former maryland governor martin o'malley called clinton's iraq vote a big mistake. >> it was also the digs banged banding of many elements of the iraq army that are now showing up as the elements of isis. >> martin o'malley and bernie sanderses want a minimum wage of $15 an hour, clinton wants 12. the candidates did agree that new regulations are need on wall street to protect the middle class. and the next democratic debate will take place december 19th in new hampshire. well, good news, we have a dry sunday coming. so that's good weather for the
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redskins and the ravens. but when's the next chance of rain? >> let's go to howard bernstein. talk to us. >> it looks like not until the middle to latter part of the week. thursday looks wet, wednesday you amaze a late shower. what we're dealing with now, a cold night. the winds have gone calm in many areas, a few clouds to the north. but with the clear skies, the light winds, the dry air, temperatures dropping off you quickly, already down to three, 42 in the district, 40 in ma na sas -- quite a few 30s. in town, staying above freezing. tomorrow, 37, 38, getting to about 55, 57 lunchtime. on our way, believe it or not, into the low 60s in many areas tomorrow, but some of the outer suburbs, mid to upper 20s for a low. good looking sunday. we'll talk about the rain chance and how mild it's going to be for the coming week. debra. thank you so much howard.
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tonight, six people remain hospitalized in san francisco after a tour bus crash in a busy square. in all, 20 people were hurt. witnesses say the double decker bus ran down a bicyclist, hit two people walking, and struck several cars before it plowed into scaffolding at a construction site. >> it went boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and there was like it wasn't going to stop. >> the bus was going very quickly through the intersection, like at least 40 miles an hour, and it looked like it was going out of control. >> it was gut-wrenching. >> investigators are still trying to determine what went wrong. of those six victims still hospitalized, four are in critical condition. okay. elsewhere in san francisco, demolition teams imploded the largest remaining pier of the city's old bay bridge this morning. check that out.
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it took nearly 600 explosive charges to bring down the eastern span. it just took six seconds, and it took place underwater to minimize the explosions on surrounding areas. and this timing, specific here in november, was chosen for the explosion because experts determined it had the least impact on fish and mammals in the water. >> always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> season -- >> a season, will you --. >> yes. >> this is a season for explosives. give us an explosive three-degree guarantee, howard. >> yeah, once again, we have been on quite a roll >> oh, here we go. >> i'm going to show you some stats, the top of the forecast the high today, of -- let's go to the graphic. i'll take this right now. >> let's go. >> i made it already. we did very well, once again, the forecast high was 53, we hit 55, so that's within two. if you look at that, 61 of 63, and i think really 90 of the
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last 95 if not higher than that. so we have been the last 23 months nailing it almost every single day. 42 right now, it's a cold one, it feels like 42 because the wind is out there. dew point thes at 20s in the spot, away from the city, the bay, we're going to see mid to upper 20s. 35 in waldorf, leesberg, manassas at 34, on our way down to have a cold night. but thankfully the winds have really gotten light, going to stay light tonight, west southwest five miles an hour or less. tomorrow's three-degree guarantee, 62 degrees. it is going to be a fine afternoon. and with the both the ravens and the skins having home games, a little chilly for the tailgaters, but it looks nice. by thursday, might even get a
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storm in there. late wednesday could get a shower. dealing with tonight high pressure building in as the storm system pulls away so the pressure gradient is relaxing and so are the winds. but on the back side of the high, winds going southwesterly. towards the mississippi valley and the great lakes, and that's what we're going to be dealing with the next few days. tonight a cold one, high pressure nearby. tomorrow starts out 20s, generally 30s and 40s in the early afternoon. a nice afternoon, winds can i be to the southwest, 510 miles an hour, maybe a gust of 15, but it really should be a comfortable afternoon. monday also looks good. sunshine to start, in fact we're tracking this storm. but only a few clouds get close to us late monday. monday is not a problem. but tuesday, high pressure dropping down into new england, nearly winds, that's a little bit cooler. so we'll be low to mid-60s monday, i think tuesday back into the low to mid-60s, and then we'll watch that storm.
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that's the one that i believe will be here getting towards thursday. looking at the forecast tonight, upper 20s to upper 30s, much lighter winds, as we head towards tomorrow morning, sunny and brisk, 30s and 40s, and then your afternoon looking good, low 60s, very pleasant out there, southwest winds at five to ten miles an hour. monday, 64 degrees, nice start to the week. cool and dry tuesday, 62. wednesday mild with perhaps a late shower. much better chance of rain on thursday and then next weekend, look at that, friday 67 >> wow. >> it said 67 there. >> for november, that's a good ten plus above average. and then saturday still okay. that's the final home game of the season with indiana coming to town, slight chance of a shower. >> can't have everything. >> nope. >> even though you want it. >> you know what i do like? i like basketball. >> you're a basketball fan. >> my favorite sport. >> boy we had good hopes today, supposed to be a tune-up. georgetown went into the shop,
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and the mechanic was like we have problems. >> i had a car like that once. >> this is not a so, how fast this thing go? depends on who's in the sidecar. it's pretty comfortable in there.
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now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens. brought to you by xfinity. >> normally i begin college football coverage with maryland but when history comes calling, you switch it up a bit -- three years later, he's still at it. let's get to it, navy, marine corps, memorial stadium. is that a stoorm trooper right there? this guy is a storm trooper, record breaker reynolds, number one all time rushing, congratulations to him. you know you have got a good cameraman when the subject comes right at you and never goes out of focus. brooks doing a good job out there. reynolds carries a buck 47, sixth time season going over a hundred yards. navy, did i forget to tell you they can throw the football as
11:23 pm
well? heck do it it all, a grade a navy cruise missile -- afterwards, a salute to mr. reynolds. >> when the coach called the play i was just like, i am not getting tackled. i'm scoring. i was tired of talking about it. when is it going to hachlt i was ready to get over with. >> to be able to do it her at home on senior day, in front of his family and friends and all of the alumni, it was just a great day. >> maryland on the road at michigan state. brandon rolph, bang, bang, bang, in from one yard out to tie it. but boy, maryland's quarterbacks, they give out picks like oprah gives out cars. >> you get a pick. you get a pick. you get a pick. 28 picks by m.d. quarterbacks, that's the most in college
11:24 pm
football. maryland losist it's 7th straight. as you said, howard, indiana next week. all right it's the time of year in basketball where underdogs hit the road looking for a paycheck. get a beat down, get a paycheck. get a beatdown, get a paycheck. georgetown versus regardford seemed to fit that description. let's get to it. i don't know if that's the nae nae or the carlton dance. the carl nae -- he was cooking like betty crocker. the jump stop tear drop tide it at the half. smith with the steal and then the europe step to thai it at 71. he had 15. hoyas looking for the win here. peek peeks out of the corner of
11:25 pm
his eye, copeland for the win, iron unkind, heading to second ot. double ot, hoyas up one, just enough time for the highlanders, eight seconds to go, davis at the buzzer, money in the bank. boy he had a career high 28, rad ford pulls off the upset, 82 to 80. wow. so, georgetown will limp into that meeting with maryland on tuesday. and we'll have it covered from all angles with live coverage during our 7:00 newscast. first meeting between the two schools since99 13 when maryland won that buzzer beater at u.s. air arena. that's going to be an exciting day. howard on the road at u-mass, bison playing up nine, but hines with the sweet cross over, doing it drawing two defenders, finds
11:26 pm
tre davis, tre for 3three -- pad loch with the cool handshake there. nice dap, that's what they call it these days. >> that's what they're calling it? >> yeah, nice dap. pamela, we saw with the dap. how about the dish to kimborough. kimborough led the way to 22. nice ball movement here to jones, big mama, working in the west. were every today, catholic university, number six in division three, j. howard doing some lunch pail work in the low post, he had 27-7, corey stanford said don't leave me out of the deal. yeah, he's wide-open in the corner, three, two, one, contact. he had 21-16, catholic keeps on rolling, 75-64. all right, give me 27 minutes, and i can get one defensive
11:27 pm
rebound. that's what thewy sardz head coach said -- wizards head coach said on tuesday. only one rebound in 27 minutes. yeah. randy likes to send strong messages to his team through the media. tonight, some serious stuff first. classy move bit wizards -- by the way wizards, some of the players, down right emotional, tribute to the people in france. let's get to the game. views vich -- wizards climbing back thanks to this guy, john wall, or as i like to call him go speed racer go. the nice scoop here to the hoop, a double double, 15-11. kris humphries, what got into this guy? he normally doesn't shoot threes but five of eight from deeply deep today. wizards break the three-game losing streak, winning 108-99. i'm out of breath. we had a lot of stuff going on.
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, you know, we have got a good day coming up, chilly tonight >> oh, boy. >> tomorrow, 61, 62, 64 monday. a few more clouds monday, still viable by thursday. thursday right now looks like a wet day, but a good finish to the work week on friday. >> i'm looking forward to friday. thanks everyone for watching. tune
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♪ come on-a my house the ravens are rusted, refreshed and ready to go. hello, welcome to "ravens report", the ravens welcome the guy wires to charm city, both 2-16, looking for the big win but the good news, the ravens traditionally play well after the bye week. >> 11-2 after the bye,


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